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Client Search assignment

Please upload the Job Description

Please ensure the job description includes the following or include the additional information below: 
  • Essential job functions

  • Base compensation + bonus potential

  • Job title

  • Reporting structure

Why this is the best job Ever

Are there any employee benefits such as retirement, vacation or medical that you would like to highlight?  Are there any other “perks”? ie. Cell phone allowance, company car, dining discount…etc.
Is there specific information about your company culture that you would like to highlight?  Do you have a company mission statement or core values?

The Ideal Candidate

What does your ideal candidate look like? Please provide specific background, knowledge, and characteristics you are looking for. 
What are your non-negotiable traits and qualifications for the position?  How flexible are you on educational background and years of experience? 

Working Here Looks like This

What are the day to day activities the candidate will be involved in? What areas of the company will this role interface with? 
What is your training and onboarding procedure?  How many weeks does it take and does it require travel?
Do you offer development plans or continual training once the initial period is over?

The final Details

What does your internal interview process look like and how would you like to have our candidates presented?
List of 2 – 3 of your direct competitors.  Are there any brands that you do not want to see candidates from?
A good job description should be clear, concise, and informative. It should include an overview of the role and responsibilities, qualifications and skills required, and any unique aspects of the job that make it appealing. A compelling job description should also highlight the company culture, mission, and values to help potential candidates understand the company's ethos. The language used in the description should be professional, engaging, and inclusive, avoiding jargon or technical terms that may be confusing to non-experts. Finally, a compelling job description should also provide information on compensation, benefits, and opportunities for growth and development, to entice candidates to apply and join the team.
Write a Job Description that Gets Attention
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