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Expert Restaurant Industry Advisory  

We serve in a strategic advisory capacity to emerging and established restaurant brands, industry suppliers, technology companies, private equity firms, institutional investors, trade associations and other entities with interests and stakes in the future of foodservice.

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We are the industry leaders who can assist in strategic decision making, pre/post merger integrations, and provide industry insights to accelerate company growth and drive maximum returns for your investment. We support buy and sell side due diligence and specialize in middle market transactions.

Colleagues in Hallway

Board & C-Suite Executives

SRS provides strategic oversight and guidance for the management at all levels. As an advisor to management or a board member we can protect the interest of shareholders by evaluating performance, ensuring that the company's financial reporting is accurate and transparent, and serving as a conduit for communication.

Food Truck Owner

Owners & Franchise Operators

SRS supports our owner partners and franchise operators with business development expertise, industry knowledge and the relationships needed to drive transformational growth.  We provide support in every stage of the business lifecycle, from startups to established, mature and declining brands.


Vendors & Suppliers

We work with vendors and suppliers to optimize their systems and practices to address the key needs of the foodservice industry. Technology, commodities, marketing, operations and HR platforms all require synchronization and we understand what restaurant companies value the most when making key partnership decisions. 

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